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What 's Visual Seires ?

Visual Series Software is packaged solution optimized for business to achieve market advantage and cost efficient business process.

Visual Series assist you to create E-commerce enable website easily.

All functions needed to start up your online business are included and ready to use.


Visual Hotel

Seek a solution to simplify complex problems to gain sales efficiency. Visual Hotel provides real time reservation system integrated with sophisticated inventory database optimized for the hospitality industry.


Visual Property

Allows realestate websites to be empowered with power of Content Management System and Web Services. Instant online publishing of your property to web site is one of many impressive feature of Visual Property Software.


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Visual Hotel

Visual Property

Visual Traval

Online Reservation System
Agent Management System
Website Management
Live Customer Support
Forum & Event
Payment Gateway

Property Management
Content Management
Client Organizer
Newsletter Manager
Inquiry Manager
Site Search

Booking Management
Site Management
Live Support
Client Organizer
Inquiry Manager
Statistic & Report