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Visual Hotel Overview

Visual hotel software provides every tools you require to run hotel e-commerce web site. E-commerce web site by using Visual hotel software is easy created and managed.

Management tools to handle booking, customer support, property information and transportation arrangement.

Customer manager allows you to keep records of your customers and send newsletter or e-card.

Customer support by online communication, inquiry manager and membership function.

Management tools / Allotment manager

Allotment / Allocation manager can be used to allocate specific number of rooms to your online web site, agent, group of agents, and wholesaler.

Instant change of allotment available to your web site after you modify them.

Specify agent, group, or wholesales to allocate certain number of rooms.

Automatic alert warning is issued upon out of rooms in allotment inventory.

Management tools / Rate manager

Rate manager allows you assign rates for your online web site, agent, group of agents and wholesaler.

Immediate changes apply rates on the web site and agent system.

Able to create seasonal rates or package for other occasions.

Able to assign single bed rate and dbl/twin rate difference.

Management tools / Inquiry manager

There are numbers of possible customers who asks about your property although web site may have the information. Inquiry manager provides tool to answer these questions without email client.

Inquiry manager you can access from anywhere, anytime.

Review history of email reply made by yourself, assistance and office staff.

Send a email to multiple recipients.

Management tools / Agent manager

Travel agent management is made easy with Visual hotel. Categorize them by country, level, region, past sale records or under your preference to assign specify room allotment and rate.

Able to categorize travel agent by your preferred criteria

Check profile / record of agent and its standings.

New travel agent can be assigned easily and assign login/pass for travel agency page.

Management tools / Report manager

Statistical reports by sheet and charts creates easy environment to understand what's happening in the hotel.

Search records and create reports by date, room, agent, and your preferred criteria

Graphical chart provides first sight understanding of your hotel.

Print out records for the meeting and sales purposes.

Management tools / E-Commerce site

Hotel E-commerce web site with Visual Hotel Software provides every tool to sell your rooms directly to your customers.

Easy-to-use interfaces allows customers to navigate the web site smoothly to find the information they require

Secure instant booking engine provides an instant confirmation to customer and hotel.

Generated hotel information available to your customer always.

Management tools / Agent site

Travel agents page requires prior registration to be authorized to use the system. Agent profile and record of bookings made by agent are stored in database.

Agent is able to change its company profile and make new booking through system to obtain an instant confirmation.

Hotel is able to provide rates, allotment, facility& amenity information to agents to be updated.

Open another channel to sale your room easily than ever.

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Karon Whale Resort
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