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Visual Hotel

Visual hotel software provides every tools you require to run hotel e-commerce web site. E-commerce website by using Visual hotel software is easy created and managed.


Management tools to handle booking, customer support, property information and transportation arrangement.

Customer manager allows you to keep records of your customers and send newsletter or e-card.

Customer support by online commnication, inquiry manager and memebership function.


Visual Property

Property sale management made easy. User friendly search-by criteria allows your customers to seek the property of their preference which is combined with inquiry manager so that customers can ask any question simontenously.

Mangement tools with automatic photo adjustment function allows you update properties with photo instantly.

Easy search tool for your customers by default and your own criteria of properties

Live chat provides you instant response to you customers

Visual Travel

Seek a solution to simplify complex problems to gain sales efficiency. Travel ageny's everyday duties are made easy with Visual Travel software.

Management tools to provide insant booking for hotel, tour, transportation and packages

Statistical and graph report for sales records and prediction.

Sub-agent system allows you to provide online handling of bookings from your oversea agencies.

Visual Tour

Efficiently manage your tour operation team. Visual Tour is an unique software to assist every aspect of operation and management.

Management tools to sell your program online and allows agents to obtain instant confirmation of the booking.

Time scheduling and transfer arragement for operators and drivers

Statistical and graph report for sales records and prediction.

Visual SME

Start your e-comemrce store as a retailer or whalesale today. Integrated with complicated inventory system, Visual SME not only provides you e-comemrce site, but also back office application to process your orders.

E-commerce web site with detail search, inventory check, and payment gateway.

Wholesaler application to access to a large amount order system.

Back Office program to manage orders, inventory, products, and special packages.

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Visual Hotel

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