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Visual Property Overview

Visual Property Software is an absolute solution to property sale and marketing on the web site. From tools to publish properties online to customer management, all functions are ready to use in Visual Properties

Management tools with automatic photo adjustment function allows you update properties with photo instantly.

Easy search tool for your customers by default and your own criteria of properties

Live chat provides you instant response to you customers

Management tools / Property manager

Instant addition and update of your property is published on the web site easily and timelessly. Details / Specification of property are also kept in database for powerful search for customers.

Property manager allows to publish new property / new information on web site instantly.

Detail / specification of properties can be stored for powerful search for customers.

Able to categorize property by location, specification, and price.

Management tools / Inquiry manager

Inquiry manager provides fast access to inquiries from customers everywhere you are connected to the Internet.

Manage inquiries on the Visual property software from anywhere.

History function stores all communication between you or your office staff and customers.

Easy property access provides information of property in which inquiry is.

Management tools / Newsletter manager

Turn your potential customers to real customers. Make your web site visible to attract more visitors.

Newsletter manager provides tools to create and send newsletter to specified persons easily.

Archive newsletter sent in past for reference.

Able to create group for sending different newsletter for different group.

Management tools / Statistical report

Reports are visualized by graphics to emphasis current environment you are company is situated in.

Statistics reports on accessing web site, property, and inquires can be created instantly.

Sales reports to send to your superior or owner can be as well created.

Access records are available to see what's the most popular property on the web site.

Management tools / E-Commerce site

E-Commerce enable property site is not only offering powerful search but also close relation to customers by using online communication.

Category and specification search provides powerful and speedy search for customer's favorite property

Use Live chat function to talk with customer just when they need to know more information.

Informative site with sufficient information attracts visitors to stay long and find their home.

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