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Visual SME Overview

Start your e-commerce store as a retailer or wholesale today. Integrated with complicated inventory system, Visual SME not only provides you e-commerce site, but also back office application to process your orders.

E-commerce web site with detail search, inventory check, and payment gateway.

Wholesaler application to access to a large amount order system.

Back Office program to manage orders, inventory, products, and special packages.

Management tools / Product manager

Product manager is a tool to keep track of product information, inventory, and price. User-friendy interface and tools in Visual SME eases everyday to minimum.

Product information management with category, inventory, and supplier are organized in one process.

Inventory search for overstocked and insufficient items.

Fast-access to inquired item by search code or product name or ID.

Management tools / Order Manager

From first order process to shipment, order manager provides tools to manage purchased product and assign shipment date.

Status-based order check and management

Able to charge credit card and assign shipment code.

Order history and access can be stored for future reference.

Management tools / Client manager

With client manager, it is incredibly easy to know current client environment. From pending shipment to billing statement report, client manager provides tools to display everything you need to know about your client.

Client manager assists you and your office staff to memorize all information required to be stored.

Quick search for specified client is ready to use.

Integrated with inventory and accounting module, it is easy to create reports of historical order and financial status.

Management tools / Inquiry manager

Inquiry manager acts as your assistance to receive and store all inquiries from customers. You are able to access inquiry manager anytime anywhere to reply the answer or let your office staff manage it.

Inquiry manager provides email tools from anywhere anytime.

Frequency of inquiries can be visualized by graph.

Inquiry engine stores all communication between you and customers for references.

Management tools / Report manager

Statistical order & sales report visualizes past sales records and future predication. Printing out function for records by specified product, date, and order are available.

Graph and Chart of sales / access reports makes you easy to realize what's customer behavior and trend on your web site.

Graph and Charts are printable for meeting in the companies.

Specify date or/and product to see filtered record with charts.

Management tools / E-Commerce site

Having stable and efficient web site considering user's behavior makes it easier for visitors to use your web site.

Well-structured layout and customer friendly interfaces.

Detailed search for users to discover their favorite products.

Customer support by online communication, inquiry manager and membership function.

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